How Long Can Tooth Infections Remain Untreated?

How Long Can Tooth Infections Remain Untreated?

September 1, 2022

Tooth infections occurring in your teeth are best treated promptly to ensure you don’t have to experience severe challenges and expenditure from the condition affecting your teeth. While most patients experiencing dental pain prefer to get the condition treated at the earliest, some decide to delay treatment due to inaccessibility to dental practices or financial constraints. Noticing the discomfort subside after taking over-the-counter pain relievers, people think their tooth has recovered and doesn’t need any further attention.


Untreated dental infections tend to expand but never recover, leading to severe and long-lasting complications over time. This article explains some signs and symptoms of tooth infections and when they can become unbearable. We suggest you learn from this article why you mustn’t leave tooth infections untreated.


Causes of Tooth Infection


There are different causes of tooth infections to occur. Unfortunately, your mouth bacteria is always involved in the condition, whether from a cavity you leave untreated, fearing the dental filling procedure or chips and cracks on your teeth from impacts on your mouth. The cause of the tooth infection doesn’t matter after it creates permanent damage to your tooth; needing treatments from your dentist or the emergency dentist near you to ensure the safety of your teeth and your dental health. If you neglect to receive the treatment, you might even become vulnerable to severe infections that might cause life-threatening conditions. To ensure you don’t encounter tough challenges and considerable expenditure, you must receive treatment for the tooth infection at the earliest.


Treatment Options Available for Tooth Infections


Minor tooth infections do not need complicated therapies because dentists complete the treatment you need within the hour by providing dental fillings in the affected tooth by cleaning out the decay and sealing the tooth.


If chips and cracks in your teeth are causing discomfort, the dentist you approach can seal the tooth in a painless treatment to prevent an infection from occurring.


Unfortunately, if you have deep decay in a tooth of working the dental pulp, you must brace yourself to receive intensive therapy requiring the dentist to provide root canal therapy to eradicate the infection from your tooth. Although the treatment appears fearsome, preserving your natural tooth and helping you use it for life is beneficial. Unfortunately, if you leave the infection untreated, the only alternative available to eliminate the dental pain you experience is to extract the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading to your body, neck, jaw, and brain. Therefore if you are recommended root canal treatment from the dentist in Missouri City, TX, you find it beneficial to accept the proposal and receive the treatment without neglecting it.


Tooth Infections Complications


When you leave tooth infections untreated, the affected tooth might become unsalvageable. Breaking or falling out of the tooth is also a reality.


If you leave a tooth infection untreated, the condition can spread to your jawbone to cause bone infections called osteomyelitis. In such cases, you might experience severe pain in the jaw and fever. Osteomyelitis is a painful condition that can cause permanent damage to your jawbone. However, antibiotics are delivered intravenously, and surgery can help provide relief from the problem.


Another complication of untreated tooth infections is sepsis, which causes your mouth bacteria to enter the bloodstream to cause blood poisoning. Sepsis can spread through your entire body, making it a life-threatening condition. In addition, you might experience high fever, chills, weakness, sweating, and hypotension. If you experience these symptoms besides dental problems, you must discuss the issue with your physical healthcare provider without wasting time.


Infected teeth respond best to timely treatments offered by dentists to avoid unnecessary stress and expenditure on intensive therapies. Unfortunately, dental infections never disappear but will undoubtedly expand, bringing severe pain, sensitivity, and multiple complications.


You can avoid tooth infections from affecting you by remaining diligent with your dental routine, avoiding sugary and starchy foods and beverages, receiving six monthly dental prophylaxis, and getting treatments for any conditions in your mouth immediately after detecting them. Leaving an infection untreated is not a solution to the problem but encouragement for your mouth bacteria to create additional damage and make you susceptible to receiving intensive treatments or even losing your tooth or life in rare circumstances.


If you have dental infections that you left untreated, Joy Dental provides the treatments you need without causing intense pain or stress. Furthermore, tooth infections are better treated earlier than later for the reasons mentioned in this article. Therefore kindly arrange your meeting with them immediately to treat your infected tooth.