Is a Dental Crown Useful Purely for Aesthetic Purposes?

Is a Dental Crown Useful Purely for Aesthetic Purposes?

January 1, 2023

Dental crown therapy is a practical and cost-effective solution for widespread dental and cosmetic problems. Dental crowns help cover every flaw with the teeth, including fractured and missing or infected teeth with significant filling and without sufficient tooth structure remaining. In addition, these tooth caps serve as a protective covering for injured, damaged, discolored, or missing teeth, regardless of the reason.

Dental crowns help serve many purposes, including reinforcing the integrity of the affected tooth when a dental crown encases it after reshaping it. If you have discolored teeth unresponsive to teeth whitening, you can discuss alternative options to conceal the discolored teeth with the dentist in Missouri City, TX, who might offer you remedies like dental bonding and veneers to cover the discolored tooth. Unfortunately, if the discoloration results from tooth infections and you want a semi-permanent solution for hiding the tooth, the best options available are dental veneers and crowns.

Your choices narrow down to dental crowns in Missouri City, TX, if you think dental veneers are expensive, although they offer protection to your tooth similar to dental crowns.

The role of dental Crowns in Creating Structural Integrity

Dental crowns were not created to repair damaged teeth. Instead, they serve as a solid reinforcement to restore the structural integrity of the affected tooth. For example, if you recently underwent endodontic treatment to eliminate a severe infection in your tooth, the dentist would have removed the infected dental pulp and nerves from within before cleaning and disinfecting the tooth and sealing it. As a result, the treatment would have eliminated the infection within the tooth but rendered it fragile to need reinforcement. In such cases, the dentist recommends protecting the tooth with a crown to ensure it doesn’t attract infections and requires further intensive treatments. A metal or porcelain fused to metal crown serves as a remedy in creating the tooth’s structural integrity after it is customized and bonded onto the tooth to function as your natural teeth.

If your tooth is discolored from infections, the likelihood of it having weakened remains high, making it essential and beneficial to have it covered with a dental crown for protection and to prevent an extraction purely for aesthetic purposes.

Why are Dental Crowns Excellent for Misshapen Teeth and Large Fillings

Many people have misshapen teeth or teeth with extensive fillings. Misshapen teeth are aesthetically unpleasing, and teeth with large fillings would have lost sufficient tooth structure when restoring the tooth. The benefits of dental crowns help cover these deficiencies by helping encase the tooth with reliable dental crowns.

Teeth with large fillings need strengthening to prevent your mouth bacteria from creating further damage. Misshapen teeth, besides looking ungainly, are also challenging to clean, making it easier for you to invite infections in your mouth. Dental crowns help eliminate the issues in your mouth in a couple of appointments with the Missouri city dentist to help you cover the restored or misshapen tooth with dental crowns.

The dental crown procedure ensures the restored tooth receives protection from your mouth bacteria, and the misshapen tooth receives help from the crown to restore its shape. In addition, the treatment ensures your tooth appears aesthetically beautiful while receiving adequate protection against your mouth bacteria by inhibiting them from creating more damage. Don’t you think the benefits offered by dental crowns are excellent?

Dental Crowns for Aesthetic Purposes

If you need aesthetic improvements to your smile, you can rely on dental crowns to assist you in achieving your goal. While crowns help restore damaged and weakened teeth, they help cover cosmetic flaws with your teeth. By contacting the Missouri city dentist, you can consider covering discolored, misshapen, and uneven teeth to have the stunning smile you desire. You must ensure you deal with an experienced professional when choosing to enhance your aesthetic appearance by covering dental flaws to have the beautiful smile you want.

It helps if you understand getting dental crowns needs tooth structure removal past the dentin to permanently alter the tooth, making it essential for you to have them later, even if you decide you don’t want or need them. Tooth structure removal in a non-reversible process.

So long as you understand the drawbacks of getting dental crowns for cosmetic reasons, you can go ahead with the procedure to hide your bad teeth with dental crowns.

Joy Dental provides dental crowns to restore decayed and damaged teeth. The dentist can satisfy your needs if you need these restorations for cosmetic reasons. Consult them to get your beautiful smile back by hiding your flawed teeth.