Is It Painful Getting a Cosmetic Crown on Your Tooth?

Is It Painful Getting a Cosmetic Crown on Your Tooth?

March 1, 2023

Dental crowns are restorative options to fix damaged, decayed, missing, and/or discolored teeth impacting your smile. Materials like metals, porcelain fused to metal, porcelain, and ceramics help make dental crowns that function as tooth caps after placement over your affected tooth to encase it entirely. Therefore whether you need dental crowns for any of the reasons mentioned above or purely for cosmetic purposes, you can get one from the dentist in Missouri City, TX, to fix your aesthetic defects.

The dental crown placement process requires the Missouri city dentist to reshape the affected tooth before they impression it to custom-create your restoration. The tooth reshaping procedure causes discomfort, which the dentist helps manage by providing local anesthesia near the tooth and gums. The placement process remains discomforting for about a week after fixing the cosmetic defect with the tooth. However, a minor inconvenience must be endured to benefit your aesthetic appearance and dental health.

What Is the Purpose of a Cosmetic Crown?

Dental crowns serve many purposes. Examples of how dental crowns can help you are given below for reference.

  • If you have a weak tooth from decay that is breaking or has broken, dental crowns can protect it by holding it together.
  • A severely worn or broken tooth is conveniently restored by dental crowns.
  • Crowns help cover and support a tooth with extensive fillings without sufficient tooth structure remaining.
  • Dental crowns help hold dental bridges and cover a dental implant if you have missing teeth and are considering replacements.
  • Root canal therapies to fix dental pulp infections render the affected tooth fragile, needing protection from a reliable restoration. Dental crowns are adequate to protect your tooth from fractures and breakage.
  • If you have a misshapen or severely discolored tooth from infections or injuries, dental crowns can function as cosmetic solutions that help cover the affected tooth.

Dental crowns help in all the situations mentioned above. Therefore they are excellent restorative solutions for affected teeth due to various reasons.

When Are Cosmetic Crowns Needed?

Your teeth can sustain damage over time for various reasons, including tooth decay, injuries, or plain overuse, causing them to lose shape and size. They can also discolor from injuries or infections and not respond to teeth whitening treatments. If you think your tooth impacts your smile, you can consider getting cosmetic crowns in Missouri City, TX, to overcome the challenge for a decade or more by discussing the improvement with the Missouri city dentist.

Similarly, if other defects on your visible teeth impact your smile and alternative treatments don’t provide relief, you can consider dental crowns to cover the affected teeth in a process requiring two appointments with the provider.

When you consider getting your aesthetically affected tooth fixed, you might wonder about the benefits of cosmetic crowns. It would be natural for you to want to understand dental crown benefits because you are investing a considerable sum in hiding a tooth that appears ungainly when you smile.

Dental crowns offer many benefits besides covering a misshapen or discolored tooth. For example, if the affected tooth is chipped or cracked, it can encourage additional infections by allowing your mouth bacteria to penetrate the openings. In addition, a severely discolored or misshapen tooth can also impact your self-confidence by preventing you from smiling before others, making you appear like an introvert. In contrast, getting a dental crown over the tooth helps restore its shape, color, strength, and appearance while giving you a natural boost to your confidence.

The Discomfort from Dental Crowns

Whether you need a dental crown for dental or cosmetic purposes, the process to get them remains the same. The tooth reshaping process is essential to accommodate a customized tooth cap over the affected tooth. However, as mentioned earlier, you will likely not feel discomfort because the dentist numbs the gums around the tooth before starting the reshaping to remove sufficient tooth enamel past the dentin to have a dental laboratory customize your restoration using a material that helps improve the cosmetic defects with the tooth. In addition, you receive a temporary acrylic crown over the reshaped tooth for protection because dental labs need three weeks to customize your tooth cap.

You must revisit the Missouri dentist three weeks later after the dental lab returns your tooth cap. During your second visit, the dentist removes the temporary crowns and checks the customized restoration of color and fit. All things being acceptable, the dentist bonds the permanent crown over your reshaped tooth, helping you cover its cosmetic defects.

You can expect discomfort with a newly crowned tooth immediately after the procedure as the anesthesia wears off. However, the pain is temporary and comfortably manageable using over-the-counter painkillers.

Dental crowns do not need special attention over time besides excellent dental hygiene and regular appointments with your dentist for exams and cleanings. Maintaining the restoration as suggested by the dentist helps preserve your tooth cosmetically appealing for a decade or more without needing additional treatments.

If aesthetic defects with your teeth concern you, Joy Dental provides dental crowns to hide them in a couple of visits. Consult them today and get the aesthetic flaws hidden within a month to begin smiling without issues.