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Cosmetic Crowns in Missouri City, Tx

We all do our best to take care of our teeth, but sometimes accidents can happen, and even with good hygiene, we can still damage our teeth. For instance, an accident can cause a tooth to break, and if that happens, we have to decide what to do to repair it, not only because it can be incredibly painful, but because it can ruin our smile. You’ve probably heard of dental crowns before, but you may not be aware that you have more than one option for repairing a damaged tooth. Cosmetic crowns are also a way to restore the look and function of your tooth just like a standard crown, but with some added benefits.

What’s the Difference Between a Normal Crown and a Cosmetic Crown?

When you break a tooth, you immediately need to get to a dentist and have a crown or “cap” placed over the broken part of the tooth. Normally when you have a crown placed over a tooth, it is made at least partially of metal. While it does the job of fixing the broken tooth, it can be unsightly and looks nothing like a real tooth. This is hard to deal with for those who want to be confident in their smile.

A cosmetic crown is another option. It functions just like a standard crown; only the crown portion is not made of metal. Instead, it is composed of porcelain or another similar material that can be shaped and sculpted to look like a real tooth and even tinted to match your natural teeth so that there is very little distinction between your natural teeth and a crown.

You can even use a crown for more than just fixing a broken tooth. Those with chipped or cracked teeth or large fillings can get a cosmetic crown placed over the tooth to hide these problems so that the tooth looks clean, natural, and in good shape, making this an excellent cosmetic upgrade for teeth.

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