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Exams & Cleanings in Missouri City, Tx

We often don’t think about it, but the most basic needs can be crucial to our health. In the case of our oral health, those basic needs include routine exams and cleanings. As children, we get them because we are told to, but taking care of our oral health is even more important as adults.

That’s why Joy Dental is the place to go for a dentist near you that can provide exams and cleanings to make sure your teeth and your whole mouth are as healthy as they can be.

Why Routine Exams and Cleanings Are Important

Exams and cleanings are two of the most important parts of a good dental care routine. They help look for any oral or systemic problems that may not be easily seen without the dentist’s expertise while preventing many tooth-related mouth issues.

Exams can often detect cavities before they ever become an issue, so it is critical to regularly visit your dentist for general exams.

Cleanings, in particular, prevent gum disease from becoming serious by removing plaque buildup, which can lead to inflammation and irritation on gums and teeth loss if left untreated.

How Dental Exams and Cleanings Are Performed

Both examinations take place during one appointment with your doctor, where you will sit down in a chair next to them while they perform the process.

The first step in a dental exam is to measure the height of your gum tissue with their probe, then they will check for any redness or bleeding that may indicate inflammation.

They’ll also feel around on your teeth and gums to detect tooth decay; you may experience some sensitivity during this time, but it’s nothing uncomfortable. Your doctor must be able to see all surfaces of every tooth so they may use light from different angles (mouth mirror) to get an up-close look at them all: top, bottom, edges near the gum line for cavities, etc., as well as inside the mouth using special instruments like probes and mirrors which can reach difficult places not visible by looking into your mouth directly.

Joy Dental is Here for All Your Exams and Cleanings

Your local dentist near you is here to help with your basic oral hygiene needs. Joy Dental wants to help you take care of your teeth so that you can have a smile that lasts a lifetime.

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