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Emergency Dentistry in Missouri City, Tx

No one wants it to happen, but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, emergencies come up, especially those that require medical attention. Unfortunately, dental emergencies are no exception. When looking for a emergency dentist near you, you want one that provides emergency dentistry services so that in the event you do have a dental emergency; you know where to turn.

That’s why Joy Dental is the dentist you need for all your emergencies. As a leading emergency dentistry in Missouri City, we provide a full range of emergency services so that you can get out of pain and on with your day.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Many things can constitute a dental emergency, and all of them should be treated immediately. Here is a shortlist of dental health emergencies that you should seek help for as soon as possible.

Pain/Swelling/Bleeding – If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms after a dental procedure or even if you haven’t had a procedure done, it’s important to get to a dentist right away as this could be a sign of infection or damage to teeth and gums.

Cracked or Damaged Teeth – A cracked or damaged tooth that is left untreated can not only get worse; it can lead to nerve and gum damage that can be incredibly painful and more difficult to treat. Leaving a damaged tooth untreated can also negatively impact other teeth and the patient’s overall oral health.

Loss of a Tooth – Tooth loss resulting from an accident should always be treated as an emergency. While we may not save the tooth, a dentist must assess the damage and provide necessary treatment.

Loss of a Dental Device – Losing a piece of dental equipment is never good, and it is always advised to get the equipment replaced as soon as possible. It may not seem like a big deal if you lose a retainer or mouthguard, but going without these needed devices can have very devastating consequences. For instance, a missing mouthguard can lead to unintentional teeth grinding that can crack and damage your teeth.

What Does Not Come Under Dental Emergency?

Not all dental issues warrant a visit to an emergency dentist near you. A problem that might seem urgent initially might not be as serious as you think. Here are a few situations where you may not need emergency dental services in Missouri City, TX:

  • Minor toothaches: You can delay the treatment for a toothache if it is not severe and an abscess has not formed. However, you might need urgent care if you run a fever or have swollen gums.
  • Lost dental fillings or crowns: These are not dental emergencies and can wait a few days.

Why Choose Joy Dental For Your Dental Emergencies?

The experienced and talented emergency dentist in Missouri City, TX, prioritizes relieving your pain and getting your oral health back on track during a dental emergency. Before starting any treatment, we take the necessary scans and discuss the prognosis.

We pride ourselves on providing expedited dental care to patients and going above and beyond for them. Our emergency dentistry practice is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosing and treating various dental emergencies.

Our mission is to make you comfortable by providing a stress-free environment and giving you quality care when you need it the most.

Contact Joy Dental for All Your Emergency Needs

If you have a dental emergency and looking for emergency dentist in Missouri City but  don’t know where to turn, then Joy Dental is here for you. We have the friendly service and emergency assistance you need to get your smile and dental health back right away.

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