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Damage to our teeth can happen no matter how careful we are. When it does, it’s important to have the right dental care available to help you. In the case of tooth damage, filings are a great option to restore a tooth and give you back your smile and your ability to eat. Joy Dental can provide you with fillings for when your teeth are damaged.

What is the Purpose of Tooth Fillings?

Tooth decay can lead to cavities. Cavities form in the pits and grooves of teeth that have been exposed by gum recession. The bacteria from our mouths join with food particles, saliva, etc., on these surfaces and forms plaque which hardens into tartar or calculus over time.

When this becomes too large, it starts breaking down the surface of your teeth resulting in “tooth decay.” Tooth decay may also be caused when acid wears away at the enamel on your teeth, leading to holes known as “cavities” between your teeth where you cannot brush effectively enough.

Once you have cavities, the main way they are treated is with a filling. A filling is also used to cover exposed roots of teeth that have been broken or chipped.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

A filling is a dental procedure where your dentist places synthetic tooth-colored material into the hole where decay has occurred and then seals it with more lab-created materials (cement).

We can do it quickly in one sitting as an emergency repair for people suffering from severe pain due to breaking down the enamel on their teeth. It may also be planned ahead of time if someone’s cavity exhibits advanced deterioration, especially if they’ve tried other treatments like topical fluoride therapy and brushing/flossing without success.

Fillings are made out of porcelain because dentin (the tissue part at the center) is harder than tooth enamel. This provides long-lasting protective insulation for the damaged tooth and helps keep it from wearing down even further.

Got a Cavity? Get a Filling at Joy Dental Today!

It’s important to get cavities taken care of right away. Fillings are a quick and easy way to restore the shape of your teeth and protect them from further damage. If you need a filling, let Joy Dental be the dentist near you to handle your filling needs.

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