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One of the scariest things that we often think about happening at the dentist is having a tooth pulled. Unfortunately, sometimes teeth have to be extracted to protect the rest of our teeth and mouth.

At Joy Dental, we know the importance of extracting damaged teeth to protect oral health. That’s why as your local dentist near you, we offer extractions as one of our primary services.

Tooth Extractions Explained

Getting a tooth pulled can be a fairly simple procedure or a more complex one depending on your oral health, the position and condition of the tooth, and other factors surrounding the tooth itself. Because of this, there are essentially two types of tooth extractions that our dentists can perform.

One is a basic or simple tooth extraction, where a tooth is pulled via pliers or another medical device and is removed from the mouth. If there are no other complications, this is a quick and easy procedure with minimal pain.

However, suppose a tooth is severely damaged. In that case, when the roots are exposed, multiple teeth need to be extracted, or there are underlying health issues, such as swelling around the tooth, impacted tooth, or bleeding. A complex or surgical extraction may be necessary.

In the case of a simple extraction, the dentist can remove the tooth using a mild anesthetic, and there is little discomfort. This is often the case with baby teeth that need to be removed.

The more complex the extraction, the more required to get the tooth out, and many times the extraction is necessary to protect other teeth and your overall oral health. This can involve cutting into the gum or removing the tooth’s root because of infection to extract the tooth itself.

Damaged Tooth? Contact Joy Dental Today for an Extraction

We know extractions can be scary. We work hard to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible while still providing them with the important services they need. Contact Joy Dental right away if you have a damaged tooth that needs to be extracted.

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