Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces in Missouri City, Tx

While it can sometimes be embarrassing, many of us suffer from alignment-related issues with our teeth. Sometimes it’s due to crowding and space issues, but regardless of the cause, leaving an alignment issue alone can lead to further problems like further shifting of teeth, cavities, and tooth decay. You’ve probably heard of different options for straightening teeth, like invisible trays and clear aligners, but depending on your unique situation, sometimes the best option to correct your teeth the right way the first time is traditional braces.

Why Might You Need Traditional Braces?

Even if you don’t know anyone with braces, you’ve likely heard about traditional braces and realize that they can be somewhat uncomfortable, and with a ton of metal brackets and wires, the look isn’t that pleasing either. While this is true, there’s a reason why some people still opt for traditional braces.

Clear aligners, trays, lingual braces, and other options have the benefit of looking better, and some of them may fit a bit better, but the truth is, if you have very severe alignment issues, they won’t do the job. These options are intended for mild to moderate tooth correction, meaning that if you have too severe issues, you could be wasting your time getting a different type of braces only to end up with traditional ones anyway.

How Long Do Traditional Braces Take?

Traditional braces can range between 1 to 3 years, with an average of 2 years to reach full effect. Depending on their unique correction needs, some patients may experience shorter or longer treatment times.

Once the braces come off, patients will have to wear a retainer for several hours a day for several months. After a few months of wearing the retainer for most of the day, patients can switch to only having to wear the retainer at night to ensure that the correction done by the braces stays in place. Traditional braces offer the best option to permanently correct misalignment in adult teeth with little to no possible risk of complications.

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