What is the Strongest Type of Dental Bridge for Front Teeth?

What is the Strongest Type of Dental Bridge for Front Teeth?

April 1, 2023

A dental bridge might be a great option if you are missing one to three teeth in a row, including your front teeth. They are a reliable solution to restore your appearance and smile and are typically composed of porcelain, metal, or a combination of both.

Each type of dental bridge is designed for a specific function. But the Maryland bonded bridge may be the strongest type for extremely visible abutment teeth, such as those at the front of the mouth.

Dental Bridges for Front Teeth

By getting a front dental bridge in Missouri City, you can regain your confidence and improve your ability to eat and speak. It can be the best option if you are missing one or more front teeth. As you know, the gaps can cause the remaining teeth to slip out of position. So, it’s pivotal to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Different Types of Dental Bridges Available for Front Teeth

Common types of front tooth dental bridges include:

Traditional Dental Bridge

The most widely used type of bridge is a traditional dental bridge. It can be made using ceramics, metal, or porcelain-metal combinations. On either side of this dental bridge are two dental crowns, and in the middle are pontics (aka artificial teeth). The teeth on either side of the gaps act as supports for the crowns, while the artificial teeth fill the space in between.

A conventional dental bridge is reliable, strong, and comfortable. It gives the highest level of stability than other types of dental bridges used to replace the front teeth. Because of this, if you have more than one tooth lost, our dentist in Missouri City will advise patients to choose a conventional dental bridge.

Cantilever Bridges

This kind of restoration resembles a conventional bridge. The main distinction is the single crown as opposed to the two crowns. On one side of the gap, a natural tooth supports the dental cap. However, the overhanging pontic closes the gap in your smile. Although dental professionals rarely advise cantilever bridges, they might be the best choice for some people.

Maryland Bonded Bridges

A Maryland bridge is the ultimate bridge for people missing their front teeth. It is connected to the backs of the adjacent teeth with specific resin wings rather than being bonded to the adjoining teeth.

The most straightforward, least expensive, and least resilient bridges are those in Maryland. They are only appropriate for patients who have lost a single front tooth.

When Are Bridges Mandatory for Front Teeth?

Did you know that a person’s front teeth hugely affect how they choose to smile? There are numerous reasons for getting a front dental bridge, including:

1. Restore Your Smile

Nowadays, people value a brilliant and healthy smile. After having a dental bridge or another type of tooth replacement, many patients report feeling more confident. A dental bridge for front teeth can significantly help restores your smile and enhance your quality of life.

2. Chew without Pain

Many different types of food, mainly chewy and crunchy treats, might be challenging to eat if you are missing teeth. When there are gaps between your teeth, your gums stay exposed to food. When teeth are missing, it can be painful to chew. Therefore, stop eating your favorite foods if it becomes too painful.

3. Improve Speech

Your face is supported and given structure by your teeth and gums. The lack of support for your tongue without the presence of one or more teeth may also impede your ability to speak. The patient makes the normal hissing sound when speaking with one front tooth missing.

4. Breathe Easier

Our teeth maintained the position of everything in our mouths. A full set of teeth is advantageous to your airways and general health since they make room and give your tongue somewhere to rest. A dental bridge helps realign the bite once you have all of your teeth in place so as to maximize the volume of your mouth cavity.

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Dental bridges make mouths more attractive by replacing lost teeth’s appearance and function. Your dentist may suggest dental bridges as a treatment option if you are missing teeth.